The Freudian Tweet

Cormoran Lee
4 min readJan 1, 2020

The unspoken wisdom of a chick

Painted by me.

The Chick was celebrating the first day of the year under the Poppy flowers.
He was waiting for gusts of wind to drop a rain of seeds, then he would walk through this lil seeds storm like a ‘model doing the catwalk’, humming with his little useless wings and visualizing himself flying off the ground.

Suddenly the Crow appeared out of the blue.
He had a penetrating energy and clearly wasn’t happy about the situation.

The Chick didn’t really mind and kept on tweeting around unconsciously..
The Crow was worried and started cawing loudly..

The Crow: Is everything ok? Do you need some help?

The Chick: Tweet tweet tweet.. :)

The Crow: I think you need some help, you don’t even understand me..
Let me see, with my vast experience with traumatic or autistic chicks, you must be terribly lost in here, I feel pity for you.
We need to take you for therapy and see a doctor and take medications and see professionals and hospitalize you before it’s too late! You can’t be roaming here like this all on your own.
This is madness, how come no one said anything and gave you a hand so far?
The ordeals you’ve been through must be such a torture but don’t worry, I am very responsible and helpful and I want to assist you to assist yourself, but first of all, we need to put you under shelter.
You know what, don’t you move I’ll be right back, I am just going to spread my wings quickly and call for passing pelicans to transport you safely to the clinic.

The Chick was rolling his green eyes and kept on playing with the falling seeds..
The Crow and the Pelican landed in a rush for the apparent emergency and were looking for the chick in the Poppy blossom.

When they found the chick they were terrified, the chick was climbing half way on the Poppy’s column which was high as 50cm and could become a serious risk of falling.

They were shouting for the Chick to come down and evacuate in the Pelican’s mouth, but the chick just didn’t seem to comprehend the…

Cormoran Lee

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)