A surrealistic story based on mixed true events and feelings. *written live from the Ocean.

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It was a sunny day on the coast of Ascension Island, the absolute middle of the Atlantic ocean. A 10 years old, half English half Sri Lankan boy went to give a hand to the hatching turtules in the natural reserve near by the main town and only town: Georgetown…

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She wakes up, wrestling pillows, where is my hug?

Do we know each other? We forgot. Too many thoughts, who could remember.

Last night, curious penetrating looks.. is this ‘the hookup plan’ or maybe just a friend?

Kitchen, standing.
Livingroom, melting.
Bathroom, I come back, needless to guess.
She’s sitting, half…

There, just yesterday

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Sucking an olive seed, some sort of therapeutic earthy candy.. helps me to think not clearer but with less added sugar.
Rolling on my skates, noises of wheels kissing old tar road cracking from hot-cold temp drops, like my mood swings.

This old lady, I often cross paths with…

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I ran out of thoughts, so made coffee until your disembarkation was canceled.
Then came up with your own words of refuge, protecting the door from an undesired sunset on a breakup, at least it seems to be with your overweight soul, who is going to fly with you?


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Thank you,

For knee kisses, I’ve never received in my life.
For strange cakes, I’ve never really eaten. I lied, I did but only when they were hot.
For reading contracts, god’s sake, so boring.
For killing logistics, the only thing I save.
For empty moments, yes they are precious.
For staring…

Based on true events

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On the bank of the holy lake, Galilee.
Jesus, shall we walk once more on top sealevel, fragile water?
Me, and the gang.
Wild curls, muddy feet, 17 of age.

Puberty thrives in this microclimate of humanity, right here. …

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Too close/Too far

Closing lips
Opening lips
How am I supposed to breathe?

Closing eyes
Opening eyes
She’s there, too close.

I am far, so far, too far.
She’s close.
Appearing and disappearing on every whitewash
I see white swans but blinking black..
Ocean, where are the blues?

Conveniently, I reached the…

Fast-forward-free-verse, whatever writing...

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We used to

Swim in courage liquid

Staring strangers

Tripping over

The Chinese border

Searching for sex

Across the river

Until we can’t get enough

Rice eaten with hands

but who cares

when thresholds are ignored

1000 belly kisses

You’re the only one

So can we make love

Haiku after…

Must be someone else

Inspired greatly by Elbow — Any Day Now/Powder Blue/Newborn

Drums bassing, guitar tuning, vocal-cords reversing:
Timelines and unmatching tales, new ability to triple-check facts.
Pounding outside the gate of thought, breaks.
Emotions licking a microphone like oreo-cookie-vanilla ice cream.
Backward marathon.

Tracing the scars
Pulling the blinds
Now unkiss me
And play our…

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“Ventricular Fibrillation”

The judge concluded a verdict in partial remorse.
I know what it meant.
Shedding a tear privately, within my drying laryngospasm, swallowing each innocent drop, gently, to maintain my stature, dignified.

“Convicted for first degree: misunderstanding love”

“You have the right to mitigate circumstances or say last words…

Cormoran Lee

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)

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