Birthday Boat

Photo by RALLIS KOURMPETIS on Unsplash

Rock rock rock the boat!

Oh damn, who’s that fault!

Mem, birthday gift I got,

right here? Certainly not.

End of world, Dot………com

Missing home?… drop that kid, mum!

News feed, 16 some, it is, but not my age.

Sealevel seaweed, depth gauge, diving back in the sharks cage, of life..

Where is my wife? Marry me twice and they’ll be biting them mice.

OVER sweetened cake, wow! that’s for me?

Out of the engine room, clean but smoky, laundry!

Artificially happy, mannnnn grab that Insta-story! Fooling the fantasy It’s so impressively sunny, with the filter on your camera, hashtag Swiss marmelada, fill me in with 90% dark chocolata and now you wanna lick your brotha.

Easily-chilling but heavily-breathing fish fries through my eyes and the night will be spent with the rest of the guys…… only.

Girls poorly, but way too much porn.

Microwave is rolling by the wave and cracking them popcorn.. one by one, as a sounding alarm was re-born, I am not torn.. in between..problems of a restless teen, a party to throw, another month I can flow, choosing the right pillow.. uncomfortable to live without a window.. but yet I feel lucky to gain some extra money so I could buy you not a candy but perhaps a surplus of million cozy hugs with nothing unnecessary but necessary indeed..I can’t say the best I did but where does this lead, don’t say you know the good end because a dead end of a fairy tail was never to beheaded in hell..

Grrr, not allowed it’s false bay, Sirrr, I really wish you a good day, not surrre, of what you’re really trying you say. bad luck, big shark, ocean truck but there is no doubt something something is rolling in your gut.

The lyrics of this song is way too strong cause it’s painful to divorce from you my female king kong, it’s getting overly rhymeless, the budget and the shit finanace, your highness, my mistress, just please no shoes on my second hand mattress, if we are ever to get that lawless sex apes. Budahist no, a monk let’s go as my name is ching chong, bling bling fake from china, I’ll gatcha, smartphone green banana, muted my stupid ringtone , ping pong, I play in my mind and I rest not to find some overly big African behind to bang me and give me a baby too soon, I wasn’t born to be cuddling in the womb.. but to escape till noon, I will be lunching in the buffet as I should, choosing my delicious food.. it smells and looks so goooood to be able and flee into the top of the jungle, high trees, she mumbles, bumble bees, German honey fees, flower allergy pfff I sneeze. Wee wee from the rock, rock it from the wee wee, the flying bumerang we can still see but there is no longer we’ll be, as I am alone, I feel free to beatbox out of the box, in my pocket a pocket knife — Victorinox, promise not to cut your life hopes but not sure about the life ropes, just be ready for whatever, should we really stay together? The boat, the goat, get out of the living room, cuddling cat meow! it’s already the afternoon wow! and It’s time to nap and boom boom pow pow.. vroom vroom not now, falling asleep and counting those black sheeps it’s normal, it’s psychologically formal, maltreated, treated mal, what about you panpal, my fancy doctor, his heavy door, it was locked before, before I was able to ask god and tell him we need to meet because I ain’t got my private greet so I could cheat on my birthday and get some gifts of gateaway from the floating wreck I’m on anyway. Now off sailing silhouettes , wannabe paradise yes..compassless yet, consciousness copy paste, get back here with a triple pulse.. no drugs, just shrugs about an idea, about a dream, about mama mia, about what does she mean, to me.. or should I just drift and repeat as I know to just beep beep the whole world and say hasta la vista ya’ll… Now where is this girl I am supposed to fall… in love.. like a hand to a glove, or this is just another brainwash from above? She is flying on top gear while I am crying for you here, the dove.

It’s all about the ego, how to punch you or just let go, deep it’s only we know, in the same small boat we row , I think we’ve got it bingo! fuck that doggy Dingo!

A beer waterproof bottle, no wish for you to all fall so I am smuggling a couple dollars, Not quite sure how to hustle so I will leave a lil gospel. A love-hate letter, to be touching your heart forever.. Your eyes will soon shatter, and my blues get some blue glitter, them tears running by the liters and I promise to be fitter, for you and only you and I cannot promise anymore a thing or two, Here I come to step on egg shells, since the bird was given birth to herself, to regret no more, I can’t rest on this broken test shelf and wait for orders to be laughed at Rosemary Dream, fill me up with your best steam if you want to peace out, forget about the fight with the best nightmares of long gone Dream Team.

And this in my heart has been, cupid, way too long for you to be seen, stupid, as you don’t fucking know what I mean, lucid.

Birthday boat, living the Dream. Hahah.. I kid.

Photo by RALLIS KOURMPETIS on Unsplash



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Cormoran Lee

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)