Once upon a time there was a Beach & a You.

Cormoran Lee
6 min readMar 5, 2019


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Very sorry — No shortcuts through here:

Snack that cricket!


Pardon, pas ici.

99% you are that cricket.

You are that snack.

You see, we are all social animals and we try to please one another to be accepted, to feel secured, to ensure our survival, but no buts, Brazilian butts.

Passé ma chérie, what about some spice?

Following instructions gets you this far…..here.

If you haven’t read Plato’s — ‘The Cave Allegory’, excuse yourself, go to the toilet in your lunch break, say to the sexy secratery you have explosive diarrhea, food poisoning and such so you could lock the door, block the toilet and unblock your repetitive thoughts. Take the time to understand we all live in a game.

So who’s holding the joystick?

Maybe there is a big old guy with lots of screens, telling you what to do. Indirectly, he ensures this wonderous maze gets you exactly from A to Z.

Maybe not..

Maybe you don’t want to know?! Do you?

Did you ever stop to ask what the F%#K is going on here?

Or your parents’ advice is just too convincing? Because after all they know best right? They have lived an entire life and we must be so inexperienced to even consider something foolish and passionate..Oopsy I got a free ticket to the ‘road less traveled’ — That means getting nowhere? OR runing in circles? OR maybe getting in trouble? OR maybe the bursting curiosity that feeds your volcanic heart!!! B Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä M!!! #mamawannabeme

What about the Instagram feed.. Do you copy paste those ‘inspiring lifestyles’? You can’t be buying this crap, don’t you? The showbusiness just wants you in the basket, the net, with the rest of the crickets, it is easier to control you that way and bring a fortune to this old guy with the joystick..

Do you collaborate?

Do you have an opinion of your own or you just follow the mainstream? It’s nice to be popular.. or to feel liked. But is it real, is it worthwhile?

Cricket or not, be honest here for one second.. (Or you’re working on to become the old joystick dude?)

Sorry not sorry to write with such rubbish attitude but are we playing it safe here? Shall I spoil you instead with some drop that, low fat, organic trick, soy milk, sweetener spoon, double honey moon?

Do you want me to research and discuss consciousness?

What exactly is it?

I don’t know.

What is that consciousness worth if we just copy paste another’s?

Don’t get me wrong here, I never said you should be jumping into this black hole on your right side without checking its goodies..

Just saying: Hola, todo bien? Todo bien! What so good?

Are you responding automatically? Are you out of breath?

Where is everyone going?

“Let’s join the line, something raddd must be going on inside that place!”

Do you ever find yourself alone?

It’s Carnival outside today, why do you stay at home?

Do you have a problem? Don’t you want to party? Don’t you want to have a good time with us? Cheeeeeeeeers!

must I socially please the people around be to be accepted or cool: Originated by evolution, nowadays, unnecessary, or is it?

So what did you study in highschool? Uni? Military?

Put back on your uniform and get some green papers because this is a dangerous world to be roaming around creatively..

It is a peculiar manner, when someone does something so odd that other people cannot comprehend — You’re either being left a weirdo or a genius.

Better than normal right? Why normal sounds offending? So boring?

Aren’t we all special? Yes, we are.

Butttttttttt, how come, if we just act as anyone else?

What makes up a special human being?

So, who are you actually?

Do you have CV in hand?

Hmmmm, fascinating.. you’ve been travelling around the world in 6 months. So what, you have 7354 followers, want a medal? Want a like?

No really, who are you?

Who am I? Seriously, nothing but a cricket.

But, what did you say…?

Did you know that when crickets meet many other crickets they change their behavior into ‘swarming mode’ = “it is an emergent behaviour arising from simple rules that are followed by individuals and does not involve any central coordination.’’

Sounds like following blindly and chaotically a mass of confused and rushing people.

I am looking for the beach and you too, but I don’t see anything?!

Once upon a time….?

C’mon, what’s going on?! This is fashion? This makes sense? This is you? Maybe not on this specific beach but on the other side of the story — Your mindset. So what are you thinking about in this beautiful box of yours? Do you break the box often? I know, it’s painful. I don’t do it every day. But, shall we try? No, not a hippy, it is not what I meant. No, not an artist, your creativity has borders, has guidelines, is directed towards the reward. Pas pour toi! Break the boxxxx baby! what are you afraid of? Maybe it will lose its buoyancy? Most certainly it will — Drowning intentionally Yes! You are going to lose many friends on the way, mainly Facebook friends — So what? Are you collecting friends like my booty collects grains of sand on the beach..They are awesome yes, but almost identical. No news, it is the same beach as yesterday. I am sorry, you’ll have to walk further this time. Across these mountains. No! The cable car is not allowed.. if it is too easy it is crowd baby, it is candy, it is automatic. No, you don’t have to collect those berries in the park. No, you don’t have to get wild and live in a cave. No, it is unnecessary to read all the books about philosophy. No, you don’t have to quit smoking, drinking and watching TV. No, no one said quit your job and dump your relationship. You say no no no… I say yeah yeah yeah.. Listen puppy love — NO INSTRUCTIONS! Can you read that? I don’t know what’s good for you but actually no one knows, so stop repeating like a robot what ‘all the good guys do’! It’s also false if you’re not really driven innately to do so. Innately, not that TedTalk you watched last week! Don’t sell your house and go travelling around the world -no one cares. Just be yourself. No ,not this self, yourself. Are you crazy? Stop looking around! Wake up in the morning and ask yourself for once: “What do I want to do now?” Don’t go on Medium.com and read my blabbermouth blogs, this is also a bunch of nada with a mint ball of icecream. Apologies, but I don’t know any better than you, but I like to tease you because this is exactly what I am expecting of you as my follower, I want to follow you too, can you lead me? phhh no, not that shopping mall of spirituality! Damn those crystals, give me some dirt! I want you to surprise me, to spank me, to give me goosebumps, to allow me to laugh about myself, about you, about this life, so maybe one day we could all laugh histerically about this life and be proud we never settelled for the nearest mile but we went an extra one, and another one, until we bacame extramilers in our core..not default models, ‘Like’ button followers. So, give me a break here, cut the fat out of the crap ok?!

“Because I deeply miss the real beach and the real you…” The Ocean roared fiercely with a splash of mercy.



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