Everybody Wanna Be Like Me

Happiness contradicts itself and you?

Photo by Chitto Cancio on Unsplash

I was just preparing my dancing playlist for tomorrow as this guy was repeatedly singing “everybody wanna be like me” X 100 times.


Honestly, I don’t wanna be like you. And the fact that you’re trying to sell me this idea just makes me recall last year’s fundemental lesson:

Have you ever been stuck in a horrible situation with some hilarious bunch of human champions.. It was fun right?!
Have you ever been free in the best case scenario with some toxic people.. it wasn’t fun right?!

What else do we need to know?
It is such an easy and simple calculation or we just ignore our own feelings and fall for “The Catastrophie of Success” again?

2018 Tropical Beautiful African Island:
Bodyguarding one the richest and most important people in Africa.
That was something from the cinema, unrealistically glamorous.
The family had power over everything: people, economy, and were officially authorized (by themselves) to change, play and rule whatever they desire.

The place has endless resources, beauty and could swiftly become a paradise for all, if only the human greediness had allowed to share some good luvinnn with the rest, the other 99.99%.

Black big glossy cars escorting just a bunch of the elite, keeping them safe and sound.. distanced from the rest of the people.
‘Shadowing’ someone but never switching a word, a gesture, an emotion, even not a glaze in the eyes. I am baby doll and you are my master.

Last year exactly, I was suited, pimped and ready to secure the big celebrations of Xmas and New Years.
I have never seen such decorations, Xmas lights, colorful lazers in the skies, and the most professional event teams from abroad- all to create the most outstanding experience for the few of the few, the best of them all.
The castle was illuminated with charm, fancy 1 million dollar cars started to arrive, enterting the endless real red roses cieling to create a once in a life time show that most of people never dared to even imagine.
La la la, waiters, shows, drinks, Gucci bags, diamonds blurring each other, offensively whispering: “I am more important and successful than you, ahh and definitely happier”

After a few hours, everyone was decently drunk, forgot their names, the rules, each other, what’s important, what’s fun, what is life?
And why do I say that? Because the dance-floor was empty, it looked as just 15% of the guests have remained to share the good personal time with the best: sitting far away from each other, drinking some more, taking some more selfies with a double reflection of their swag with the mirror behind.
Everyone seemed to subtly bluff what life was all about?
The social warmth was absent and alienated intentionally, to suppress the human expression which results painfully with 0 true friendships which is the trophy of life after all.

How would you feel if people would come to your party but not for you?!
Do we buy friends now?
Do our followers really know us or what are really followed for?

*Some of the people I worked with actually said a few times:
“Wow, if only I could have some of this money”
“I want to marry a billionaire lady”
“They have no worries in life”

Oh my gravity, crashing course is guaranteed.

2019 Dusty African Coastal Desert:
Sailing in circles and seeing blue blue and some more blue.
In here, suddenly I turned looking like the fresh prince.
Everything is poor and bearly exisiting.

Noticing the ‘ugliest’ scarce coast and hopping on my speed boat to do my job.
My engine sounds like Hercules next to the local floating boats, and my blue eyes are so foreign and strangely penetrating the native appearance.

I am passing some old boats, and some fishermen drifting along the coastal friendly breeze.. I am thinking to myself: “what the f*ck is going on here..why are they floating aimlessly like this on those piece of rubbish rafts”
They literally improvised a raft out of random garbage.. It looked so basic, almost ridiculous.
I felt uninvited, I felt not belonged, maybe even hated.. I cruised by coolheadedly.. didn’t bother to even reduce my speed to respect the peacefulness that was instilled so naturally at the end of the world.

Instantly, I decided to switch my approach and signaled the driver to slow down so we could merge more appropriately.. I waved hello to the passing ‘garbage sailors’ (and for some reason it wasn’t easy because it felt like I am investing my ego in it) 95% of them, not only waved back, but waved enthusiastically with both arms, raised as high as possible by means to respect and a gesture of honor. (stopping everything they were doing)
We slowed down even more, and started greeting them and interacting without talking but letting them all know, we are together, we are the same.
We are guests and you are our hosts.
We show it by passing by humbly and showing that we care to pay attention to each other — the most fundemental communication between humans.

Spontaneous enthusiasm is already such an indication that you do something right, something fills your heart which is probably your attitude and not your bling bling and fake friends.

The African cinema (reality) is such a life-changing lesson, it’s feeding the human recognition, after all we are not unconscious animals, we are social humans craving to be understood, heard and respected- forming more unreasonable connections with fellow humans, regardless of location, race, religion and profession.. and definitely not thinking, not even considering the fact that we are somewhat better because we are faster, stronger, richer or more artificially noble.
It’s about time to rock bottom to top and remind the world what it means to be a good human.. not that I am claiming to be one, not bragging to have found the secret of life, not even trying to teach or to preach, but just recalling great lessons that I am happy to encounter at the end of the world, some places that we, Westerners don’t visit or think of often.. and sometimes it’s hard to read about a certain positive movement without really experiencing it, bleeding our own beating hearts.. And it’s so easy to forger, too easy.
So, yeah.. some homework to be done :)
Not funny and not easy to be here.. I prefer to be skiing in the Swiss Alps but hey.. Africa mamacita Africa is a hell of a teacher, a heaven for curious and down to earth students.

How low can you go?
Before flying again highest as possible but this time with better intentions, equipped with the human lens that focuses on what is really important at the end of your day.
Empathy is not just a nice word, it means you swap shoes: not your size, not your style, not yours. Can you still run and smile? Can you finally understand?
(Next week blog)

“Everybody wanna be like me” has 80 million views on YouTube.
I hope we could switch shoes metaphorically and decide for ourselves.
Thanks for the advice though ;)

Go Go:
Tomorrow is your day, jump out of yourself and see what happens, it looks like a frozen pool but it is actually the jacuzzi of life.

Of course you can pee in my jacuzzi, that’s why it’s so hot, please warm us up ;)
It will bring us closer right?!

Splashes and kisses,

Dirty Birdy



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