My Decleration of Independence

What’s the coolest thing that could happen this year?

Briefly, expressively and sporadically… (uncensured & unedited, daaaa!)

I am harvesting my 3 years something challenges and turning them into the most callus, driven and forgiving mindset.

I am fit, upbeat and unstoppable. my self talk is the most harmonious melody in my life and I can control my urges, desires and fears into an extraordinary level, even David Goggins would be surprised of..

I am agile, energetic and focused. I do not let distractions eat my brain and I communicate effectively my wants and needs with my loved ones.

I am able to forgive and to dismiss my judgements and blameful thoughts.

I am aware of my behaviour and I give myself constructive feedback often. I also communicate openly and straightforwardly my opinions with others and I remember that politeness and respect are my core social values which I live by.

I am able to see reality as it is.. and I enjoy what I see.. not because of its external beauty but because I have learned to observe with gratitude and affection every situation.

I am friendly than ever and invite intimate interactions into my life without fear of lack of privacy.

I am enjoying to teach and to learn, I am mastering every minute of my day and I am a master of myself.

I am generous and I am loving to share and contribute even more than to receive even though I hold such credits.

I am powerful, yet, I am considerate and I can share my explosive character with others without intimidating them or making them feel unworthy.

I love to push my limits daily and still find my balanced peace of mind in everything that I do as I learned by myself that it is the one thing I cannot compromise.

I am getting along fantastically with my partners, parents and family members.. as well all the people in my bigger circles.

I know when and how to say no, and I do not shy speaking into people’s faces right here and right now because I am not the kind of person that delays uncomfortable situations and I confront them immediately with a big smile and a sense of urgency.

I am on time, I am organized and I am neat.. I love to be punctual and to serve as a role model, also when it’s inconvenient. Especially.

When things turn chaotic, I shine, I help, I give a hand and I take control over things.. I take responsibility wherever I can while handing over autonomies to my trusty friends and colleagues.

I stand of my feet and I deliver, I love to discuss but I prefer to do, take action and make big things happen.

I take more risks such as embarrassing situations and physical commitments.

From public speaking to island swimming, I know I am my own hero so I am here to establish a healthy relationship between the old me and the new me.. basically the new me kicks the booty of the old one and tells him — you’ve been trying for some time now, it’s forward and up or out of my way because self pity and misery is not on the menu.

I learned to appreciate myself and act with my new ‘expansive’ approach.

I value myself and I know how to demand people to approach me too.

Yet, I don’t stick labels and prices to my actions and I do not expect any praise or rewards for my “”angel like behaviour”. I do it because this is who I am and this is what I love to do.

I understand the human brain and its nature, I am patient and I am willing to learn from every failure or insult that face me. I learned to master external adversities into inner wisdom.

Rosemary makes me happy and I am creating many new exciting plans for the near feasible future.

I manage healthy romantic relationships, optimally closer to the end of the year, I have found a very special girl I would like to invest more energy and time in.. since I feel that my well being and general feeling would be so so much better with a loving partner.

I practice self-discipline all the time because I know that it is the key for a fruitful and fulfilling life. Otherwise nothing will ever be done.

Many goals are ahead it’s time to enjoy the path because I know it is all going to happen, and if not, naaa it will happen!

But if not, it is another awesome adventure on the way to the top, the top of something. The top of myself.

(So I could laugh hysterically rolling down the bottom and climbing up again. So one day those broken wings will be soaring strongly in the skies of my mind. Certainly too high. Way too high. So the final crash will be absolutely hilarious.)




Oopsy ;)

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)