Navy Seals 2 High Heels

Pic by Krunal Padhiar

Dedicated to the incredibly brave people that are swimming upstream: whatever swimming, whatever stream. Up is a good direction.
Battling to create a new sense of self: A real, refreshing and exciting one.
I am dead proud of you.
Keep on swimming.
I will be following and tickling your toes ;)

What do I wear?
A second hand jeans for pregnant women. (used to be my fav)
That’s the whole intro.
Any questions?

Let’s try again,
The person you were 10 years ago and the future you in 10 years might have a clueless correlation.
What does it mean?
You cannot always plan ahead life: your wettest dreams, your exciting travels, your profession, marital status etc..
Firstly, life probably will knock you out at one point.
Secondely, you will likely want to knock it out when the time is right/not right.

When the moment appears, we want to hide, to cry, to forget, to run away, to stick forever but maybe all these options are a bit aggressive and inappropriate.

Can you take your boldest lipstic and paint the mirror with capital letters:

“Difficulty awakes the genius”

Voila, now that you’re awaken and committed — it’s time cruise, flow, play, and cheat on your previous principals on purpose, so you could reprogram yourself with no looking back. Jump.

19/4/20 was an empty depressing day, then a tsunami flushed it suddenly.
Splash splash, wet chick, samba dancing. (private metaphors hehe)

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

How many alarms do you need/want/set?

Alarm №1

A song- playing randomly on the ship’s playlist — “It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever”
Why did it itch me so badly?
I am going to paint it on my quotes wall now. Promise.
Just did it! :)

Alarm №2

A picture- limbo dancing in Rosemary’s lounge.
Isa and Yotam are lowering the bar as David, Fabrizio. Daniel, Natalie, Mauricio and many others are laughing behind. Laughing is a good sign, even if its on your expense yes! :)
So what if life was a series of hilarious yet annoying limbos that we must transgress unapologetically in order to become whatever?!

Alarm №3

A birthday wish to a friend I haven’t seen for ages.
I sent him our most ridiculous events together (truly nasty) with a sprinkle of astonishment and appreciation, and he, well he doubled it back to me.
I was boooom, did we forget who we were and how much spontaneous joy we used to practice daily? What’s stopping us now?!

Alarm №4

A freestyling commitment to a friend that coaches me.
After my dancing/workout session I said f*ckkk it, no more delaying. I do it right now.
That was quite good nutrition to my monkey brain, especially because my friend had been through hardships and she talks from the wise heart.

What do these alarms mean?
They simply imply of a dormant volcano that is begging to erupt, well, let’s fart that thing, smoking hot down there but it’s coming out, yesssss spicy!
Diarrhea, gas or blocks? pink, yellow or rainbow? smelling like hell or Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.
Outthebutt!! Bon appetit, that’s your art!

Oh, this introduction does not introduce anything, well maybe that’s the point. There are no rules applied upon expressing yourself. (only your own expectations)

2013 Flying from Guinea to Barcelona for 2 weeks vacation, to study Spanish.
I had a secret dream that maybe 2–3 friends max knew about, why? I guess it was a bit embarrassing.
I started to take dancing a bit more seriously and wanted to step up the game with a funny commitment.
I didn’t know how but then it appeared haphazardly, out of the blue.
Tap Shoes, yes.
I am going to start tapping like a beast.
It will connect the dots: sense of rhythm, coordination and style!!
Actually, when I think about it, I have no idea what I am thinking/talking about but hey, who gives a poop, me, let’s do it anyway.
I started watching Tap Dancing videos, and damnnnn it was freaking lame. The guy in the video was the most style-less teacher I’ve ever seen in my life, embarrassing, terrible, even disgraceuful.
But not butts he was rocking it! so what was the lesson here? I am going to get it, I think I love it hehe ;)

Sadly, the shoe store didn’t have my size for the design I wanted (affordable)
and they had only this pro-like model I just didn’t want to jump headfirst for.
200 Euros or so for something I never tried in my life?

That was a breaking point in life.
At the end I gave up for the commitment and never dared to dream again about this silly dancing style.
Do I regret it?
Yes, I could say that.
When something is burning inside of you, don’t over-contemplate, for your own sake.. what will you say to yourself at the age of 100: That you were carefully considering this option and it seemed too hasty?!

Hmmm, maybe, maybe not?

The number 1 feedback people gave to themselves when asked:
“What would you advice your 30 years old self” was, shortly —
Just do it”.

*from the book ‘Tools of Titans’ which I highly recommend as a massive lesson to learn from other people’s mistakes.

hmmmm wellllllll…

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Where this blog is heading? Not sure but it’s heading, it’s moving, it’s peeling layers of crap that are hanging for a while!
Layers of crap = limiting beliefs, prejudices, self-image, world view and many other things that are clinging on us like a tick to an elephant’s ear and damn! it cannot reach nor pull it out. But there must be away right?!

So if I want to dance on high heels?
Can I?
Should I?
Would people think I am gay?
And what if I was gay?
And what if I was not but still acting like a gay?
Who would stop loving me for cheating on my Navy Seal reputation?
Who would be proud and say you go, you go and do your thing?
Would it be noticeable?
What’s the difference than just buying white Vans?
The era of liberalism, but is it really liberal?
Do we equally observe anything that crosses our attention?
Does it even matter or should we just go for it?
Why are we asking so many questions?
Why are we talking out loud so abruptly?
Having so many opinions on so many aspects of life?

Sorry, not sorry. I guess my spontaneous will is to sweep sweep preconceptions and do something weird, I don’t even know why?
But I guess it’s about time to stop asking questions and shake some ass, whatever that means for you.

Yeah, I think I am going to buy high heels, let’s see what will happen.
After all I don’t want to keep on dancing on my tip toes with white tennis socks on the ship. I mean, what the hell is this? Why are you acting like that.. but if that what comes I should welcome it and tango destiny shamelessly.

I hope my random draft here made you reconsider the way you see yourselves and the steps you’re about to embark.
Those steps will determine who will you become. Life is damn short and at least you won’t be able to say to yourselves, “I wish I tried, I wish I had more time to think”.. Well now we all know we have too much time to think.

Less excuses crashing on the edge of your sofa, exactly where you tried to f*ck yourselves yesterday watching the fifth chapter of Dexter. (Oopsy that was me)

If you can take one thing from this blog (sorry for drilling in your head) it would be my fav quote that appears on my shirt:

“I think you should just go for it”




I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)

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Cormoran Lee

Cormoran Lee

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)

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