Perceptual Threshold & Emotional Ratings

Fast-forward-free-verse, whatever writing...

Cormoran Lee
3 min readSep 5, 2021


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

We used to

Swim in courage liquid

Staring strangers

Tripping over

The Chinese border

Searching for sex

Across the river

Until we can’t get enough

Rice eaten with hands

but who cares

when thresholds are ignored

1000 belly kisses

You’re the only one

So can we make love

Haiku after haiku

I sing to you

North Korean Pop

Noodles soup

We used to

Forget the rules

But now that we’re overgrown

I miss the card nights

On the kitchen floor

Would you join me once more

Before this haiku

Takes a long walk to U.S.A

Promised land I couldn’t share

Because you won’t come

You have mountains to paint

Paintings to mount

On new bedrooms

High rent

My time to cross

Fingers on lips

Bass chords were played on piano

I didn’t know what to say

What else could I possibly say

I f*cked up your heart

Sorry for my language

Language my mind

Mind your step

I can’t seem to let go let go

Your hand

When I cross between

Yesterday and tomorrow

Today, my mouthful of hours

Is taking a rest

And it comes and it goes

The heartbeat I longed to prove



Cormoran Lee

I pour my heart involuntarily into words, since I found that writing is the ultimate solution for a nightmarish sailing journey. I can still connect with you :)